Erin Burns



Erin Burns is a highly skilled and passionate American Sign Language Performance Interpreter. Born and
raised to a hearing family in Arnold, Maryland. One may ask, how did she get involved in this profession?
Erin was inspired by her Deaf Track and Field Coach who was not only her coach and ASL teacher, but
also influenced her to pursue this amazing field.

The Deaf community inspires Erin everyday through her work in schools, medical, conventions, and
businesses. Performance interpreting brings out a passion in her that she is eager to share with
audiences. While studying to get her Bachelor of Science Degree at Valdosta State University in Southern
Georgia, she graduated top in her Interpreting class. She then was accepted to train specifically in
performance interpreting in Nashville, Tennessee. What better place than Las Vegas Nevada, The
Entertainment Capital of the World, to interpret every genre of performances. Interpreting over 150
shows and performances in this great city she cannot wait to entertain and make your virtual event
accessible to all. Some of these performances include Dierks Bentley, Celine Dion, Justin Timberlake, Lady A, Pitbull,
Backstreet Boys, Lionel Richie, Blue Man Group (for a Deaf Blind client), Penn & Teller, Electric Daisy
Carnival, i Heart Radio Festival, Roger Daltrey and many more. Sharing this passion with her clients and
audience has been a dream come true!



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