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The Virtual Conference or Online Meeting industry is booming. Become an online model or entertainer with Talent Pros Live today. Our talent will work for themselves and at their own home or studio. Submit an application by clicking on the button below.

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Online Platforms

Talent Pros Live is a group of technologists, models and entertainers. They have assembled world-class platforms to run on, or the talent can simply use your platform of choice. Our talent has been trained on most of the common platforms including Zoom, Google Meet, MS Teams, WebEx, and Goto Meeting.

Talent Pros Live's

Live Event Center

The Event Center

Talent Pros Live has a web-based “Event Center.” The Event Center is a full featured members area that has pre, live and post show information and activities. There are several features our clients can select from: Videos, Speaker Lists, Agenda, Test, Leaderboards and more.

The Event Center

Here is a screen shot of inside our event center. This can be customized to meet your needs. We can also point this to a top level domain so it appears to be hosted on your site.

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Sep 2020

Salesforce CEO, The Past is Gone

Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff: “We’re in a new digital world, in an all digital world. The past is gone, it’s not coming back…We need to rebuild our companies, our organizations and ultimately we need to rebuild ourselves to be successful…”

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Sep 2020

ZoomTopia 2020

Excited to attend Zoom’s annual virtual conference next month. There will be several sessions on thought leadership in the Virtual Event Industry.

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Oct 2020

Enabling the digital transformation of CES 2021

Today is a big day for events at Microsoft. The Consumer Technology Association (CTA) announced that Microsoft will be the technology partner for CES 2021, the organization’s first-ever, all-digital event, happening Jan. 11-14. It is an extreme honor for Microsoft to be selected as CTA’s technology partner for CES, the world’s most influential technology event. … Continue reading Enabling the digital transformation of CES 2021

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